How to start an online business


Today you will learn how to start your own online business.

I remember the first time I made a sale on the internet, I did not believe that it was possible. I’m glad I took that all important first step towards a bright future of opportunity.

Starting your own business can be very exciting. Making that all important first sale online is one of the best feelings, from that point on you’re hooked.

It can be very confusing and slow without the right guidance. It’s good idea to find one or two people who have a clear vision on how to build an online business.

There are many marketers who are out to make quick money that peddle products they don’t stand by or have used them self. I strongly believe in helping people and providing as much value as possible. This works out better for your business in the long run and it’s the right thing to do.

Your Passion

First we need to look at what your passion is and if this passion has the ability to make you money.

The best niches are usually ones where you are solving a problem. People who have a problem are more likely to spend money. They want to move away from fear and pain and find a solution.

What kind of problems can you solve?

How can you help people?

Does your passion solve a problem?

The Buyers Journey

Let’s look at the buyers journey so we can understand how the potential buyer is thinking and the process the go though to move from the problem to the solution.

The buyers journey can be broken down into 4 steps

  • Unaware
  • Problem aware
  • Solution Aware
  • Most Aware

Your goal as the business owner is to move the potential customer through these steps so they can make an informed decision. You need to build trust and guide them to the solution .

As you can see you need to focus on the problems they face and create awareness and move them towards the consideration phase and eventually convert them into a sale.

The 3 biggest niches

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Does your passion fall into one of these 3 categories?

If so you can have a lot of success with your business.

Competition is good, if you’re the first to market you will have a lot of issues with selling.

Choosing a well established niche will help you sell with a lot less effort rather than trying convince people with a new products that no one has heard of.

Let’s take a look at the fastest way to start your online business.

Affiliate Marketing

In order to make money you need a product to offer your potential customers.

You don’t need to start with your own products. You can sell someone else’s products and collect a commission off each sale, this is called affiliate marketing. There are many affiliate programs to choose from but it’s best to choose one that you know a lot about or a product you have used yourself. Like I said earlier it’s better to provide value be honest, it’s a win win for everyone.

Once you have chosen a product to promote you need to find a way to get customers.

Email Marketing

There are various methods of getting people visiting your sales page but you do not want to send them directly there. It’s important you first send them to a special page called a funnel.

This page is a special freebie offer you may give to your visitor in order to collect their email address. Over time you build up a relationship with your lead so they feel more comfortable buying from you.

It can take up to 7 points of contact before some is ready to pull out their credit card and buy a product your promoting.

I personally use two services to do email marketing, ClickFunnels which allows me to build a funnel with a simple to use drag and drop editor and I use Get Response which allows me to create email newsletters.

Once you have your squeeze page setup you will need to drive traffic to it.

Traffic Sources

There are many traffic sources some free and some paid.

It’s best to start with a free method so you can get the best results with minimal investment. It does require putting in effort. Once you start making money from the initial free traffic you can look at doing paid traffic.

Free Traffic Ideas

  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Podcasting
  • Live videos on Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Where people go wrong is doing them all at once. It’s best if you just choose one platform and focus all your efforts there. The results can be phenomenal if you just start with one.

Once you are making money you will have more leverage and can build a team of people who can help you expand to the other platforms effectively giving you the best results.

Over time all your efforts compound each peice of content you put on the internet becomes a traffic magnet.

These traffic magnets draw people to your funnel. In return you build your email list where you can contact them at any time. There is no need to spend money or effort on reaching these people again.

What’s your passion does it fit in to the 3 most popular niches above?

If you would like to know more about building your first online business join our free online course here where my mentor and I can help you get started.

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